Masked Intruder Steals Everything From the Parking Lot Around Cicero's: Review and Photos

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After a lively "Masked Intruder" chant demanding an encore, the band members took back to the stage, saying "Okay, we're going to play a brand new song that no one has ever heard before. Is that alright?" A woman in the audience apparently indicated that it was not. "That's not alright?" Blue inquired. "What do you want to hear?" The woman replied that she wanted to hear "Heart -Shaped Guitar," which features female vocals. "Yellow, you want to do the girl part?" Blue asked of his band mate. Yellow did not want to, and the female fan who requested it didn't know the lyrics.

nichole and naked cop.jpg
Nichole Torpea and the now-shirtless Officer Bradford
Enter Nichole Torpea, whom this reviewer knows as the lovely lady friend of Humanoids guitarist Greg Stinson -- she accompanied the two bands on their two days together. Nichole sang with energy and enthusiasm, but what was really amusing was Greg, who started jumping up and down as soon as she took the stage and eventually crowd-surfed, singing along. It was heart-warming.

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6691 Delmar Blvd., University City, MO

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