Phaseone and Parisian, Old Lights and Demon Lover Make Like Bananas

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Old Lights
Kit Hamon's prominence on the Old Lights song marks a continued shift for the band, which was once the sole provenance of leader David Beeman. The past few transmissions from the group find Hamon stepping up front and lending a sure-footed pop bounce; "Blocking out the Sun" is no different, full of pep and harmony and a sense of creeping self-doubt. With that combination, it fits right in alongside Beeman's collection of sweet-sounding symphonies to human frailty. Demon Lover's side is all id, ego and superego mashed into three minutes. What begins as a snot-punk riff literally slows down to a crawl, with stretched-out vocals moaning alongside electric harpsichord etudes and lugubrious trombone lines. Andy Lashier is proving himself to be the most fearless vocalist in town, and moving from the Dead Milkmen to the Mills Brothers, as he does here, is only minor proof of that. This split single is the inaugural release of the Tower Groove Records single club, and future splits have their work cut out for them.

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