Racism in 2013: Redneck Space Travelers, Meth Smokers and Other Dumbasses

In the wake of a black guy being in the White House, certain prejudiced people are completely pissed off. There's no way in hell they can take a trip to the White House or even touch the President, so now all of us black guys that don't travel with the Secret Service are left out here in the open to deal with the aftermath of their anger. There's nothing more American than being pissed off at the President -- as a citizen you have that right. In fact I can't stomach people that are blind to the social injustices that occur daily under the guise of our political leaders. We're all Americans and we all have the right to voice our opinion about such things.

Our constitution is set up in a manner which allows us all to basically be as overly opinionated about the government as we desire. I actually applaud people that have the gumption to voice their displeasure with the powers that be. But I must say, in 2013, if you're still letting negative stereotypes about race dictate your social views, you are in fact a lame. It's 2013: The world changed last century and you apparently didn't get the memo. Dear Texas rednecks: Dragging a man to death with a pickup truck simply because he's black just further puts a black eye on your state. It's time to grow up guys, you're not going to rid the world of everyone that doesn't look like you. Unfortunately you might kill a few innocent people, but you'll more than likely go to prison and join a white supremacist gang, and then get killed after some bad-ass Mexican gangster from a rival gang slices your throat. The Mexican will likely get murdered after he kills you, your gang will retaliate and the cycle continues. Overall its a win for society because two criminals are now deceased and not guzzling our tax dollars being housed in prison.

The entire concept of racism in our modern society is just dumb. If I walk into a place and there are too many black people I leave. If I walk into a place and there are too many white people I leave. Diversity is the key to life and that's how I prefer to live. I live in St. Louis, Missouri and my city actually still struggles with the concept of diversity, but we'll get there eventually. Whenever I encounter prejudice of any sort, it doesn't make me angry, it doesn't piss me off, I just walk away and think to myself, "Damn. This person is an idiot". I mean really, a true-to-life, living breathing dumbass.

Earlier this week my Twitter feed was set on fire by the following tweet: "We can have MLK day off but not President's Day? MLK woulda still been a slave if it werent for a certain president."

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