Reagan Youth to Play Fubar: Read Serial Killer Joel Rifkin's Tragic Relationship With the Legendary Band

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Serial Killer Joel Rifkin
The band reformed in 2006 for one show and due to an overwhelming positive response, that one show snowballed into a permanent reformation. Come out and hear these songs played the way they were intended. If you're worried about the whole, "I only see bands with original line ups" cliché, be aware that Reagan Youth hasn't had an original line up since before they recorded their first classic EP Youth Anthems for the New Order.

Today's generation of punks has been lucky that so many older bands have been reuniting, thanks to the nostalgia train and increased internet popularity. It is always special to hear these classics played by the individuals who wrote them instead of having to only hear covers. The nostalgia tours and reunion shows actually make earning a profit as a punk band feasible -- too bad the business model usually involves breaking up in your prime and then waiting a couple decades. Fubar has been home to many great reunion/"whoa they never broke up?" tour stops (recently: The Meatmen, TSOL, Verbal Abuse, etc.). Reagan Youth will soon be added to that list of '80s icons as well.

-At local St. Louis/Chicago hybrid hardcore band The Breaks last show, one of the last songs they ever played was "USA" by Reagan Youth.

-In the movie Airheads, starring Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi, and Adam Sandler, their fictional band The Lone Rangers' big hit single worth holding a radio station hostage over is actually a cover of Reagan Youth's "Degenerated" with a watered-down approach and Fraser's "Wayback Weekend"-esque nasally vocal delivery.

The awful butt-rock cover of this legendary song.

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