Reagan Youth to Play Fubar: Read Serial Killer Joel Rifkin's Tragic Relationship With the Legendary Band

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The song with the infamous (and satirical) "seig heils."

-European hardcore band of the early 2000s era Dead Stop was rumored to have ALLEGEDLY been beaten up by Boston hardcore band Righteous Jams in their home country of Belgium when Dead Stop covered "Reagan Youth" after the members of RJ misunderstood the satirical nature of the "seig heils" in the song's chorus.

-According to New York Daily Times, around the time he entered prison a rivalry between Rifkin and mass murderer Colin Ferguson broke out. After Rifkin interrupted a phone call by being too loud, Ferguson snapped at Rifkin, saying, "I wiped out six devils and you only killed women." To which Rifkin responded, "Yeah, but I had more victims." Ferguson then punched Rifkin in the mouth and Rifkin ended up being place in solitary confinement for over four years.

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