Ten Songs For Hating On Stupid Idiot Valentine's Day

Categories: List-O-Rama

Sex Robots - "We're Thru!"
Key lyric: "My girlfriend's in therapy / I did too many dog shit things"
St. Louis band Sex Robots always gets right to the point. The songs are short and oh-so-sweet and this song blasts though all of those negative, crushed emotions with simple honesty. ("I think she's beautiful she thinks I'm sliiiiiime!")

AA Bondy - "A Slow Parade"
Key lyric: "Tide will bring and tide will take / Find another horse to break"
He's not very well known, but this singer-songwriter single-handedly renewed my faith in new music some years back. His songs always remind us that all good love can go bad, and that all bad love can make you weaker.

Patti Smith - "Pissing in a River"
Key lyric: "What more can I give you, to make this thing grow? / Don't turn your back now, I'm talking to you"
One of her most depressing performances, the poet Smith embraces the full emotion and the weird power that one can find in heartbreak.

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