Ten Songs For Hating On Stupid Idiot Valentine's Day

Categories: List-O-Rama

Teenage Fanclub - "Mellow Doubt"
Key lyric: "I'm in trouble / And I know it / What I'm feeling / I can't show it / But these feelings / Don't go away"
Grand Prix is a emotional ride of an album, and "Mellow Doubt" is the song that you want if you're feeling heartbroken. The song captures that miserable, regretful feeling perfectly. Think: driving in the cold winter rain with the windows up while an old lover is packing up your shit at their house.

R.E.M. - "Country Feedback"
Key Lyric: "You wear me out / You. Wear. Me. Out."
R.E.M. was a band that was about feelings. This track off of one of the bands darkest albums, Out of Time, is slow and tentative and tiptoeing, much like an elongated breakup. ("It's crazy what you could've had") The song is sad, even gut-wrenching, and all of the obtuse lyrical dances that R.E.M. was known for are cast away in favor of a pure expression of grieving.

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