Tef Poe's Juggling Act: Lessons Learned from James Brown

I feel more comfortable having the crew with me in these types of scenarios and it's just cheaper to drive at the current moment. This definitely takes a torturous toll on us all but we're strong in spirit and motivated to succeed. I'm not defined by any one thing that I'm doing, which makes my life a little easier. I was named Unsigned Hype in The Source a few months ago. Some people would give an arm for this stamp. I dreamed of being Unsigned Hype when I was a child. I watched Freestyle Friday when I was growing up -- now I can officially add it to my resume. When it's all said and done I can walk away knowing I've accomplished a few things I never thought I'd be able to do in this lifetime. Most importantly I can proudly say none of these things are capable of destroying my identity. We live for the moment and die for the movement. This summarizes how I feel about the entire saga of my life at the current moment. I'm pushing myself harder than ever, and things are hectic, but like the King of Soul famously said, "I feel good."

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