Ten Songs for Celebrating President's Day

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It is that time of year again. That special time after Mardi Gras, in the middle of Black History Month, when we drop our Valentine's Day chocolates and honor the past and present Presidents of the United States of America (for the shortest month of the year, February seems to really be collecting holidays.) Originally every year on George Washington's birthday, President's Day was formed in an attempt to give American workers more three day weekends (yes, that is a real fact). To me, it just seems like another weekend for giant superstores to offer mediocre sales and make outrageous commercials. Monday, children will be off school, federal organizations will be off work, but for the majority of us, life will go on as usual. In an attempt to liven our celebrations, I propose everyone wear a hat similar to one to the right.

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So here we go. Ten songs in honor of every dead or alive, dirty rascal or political savior to grace the Oval Office:

10. Jay-Z - "Dead Presidents"
"I'm out for presidents to represent me./ I'm out for dead presidents to represent me."
Starting with the dead guys, what could be more honorary to the capitalist system that having your face immortalized on money? The ultimate status statement for dead presidents is elevated to stardom in Jay-Z's first single. Just one of many rappers to call attention to the nation's leaders on that cold hard cash. I feel confident saying that Hov has accomplished this goal.

9. The Minutemen - "If Reagan Played Disco"
"If Reagan played disco, he's shoot it to shit."
Sometimes I have dreams. Dreams where Reagan is a DJ in a disco club. And then I wake up with bell bottoms on and I wonder, just for second, if it was real. If there is anything punks hate more than disco, it's Reagan. If there is anything punks hate more than Reagan, it's disco.

8. Johnny Cash - "Mr.Garfield"
"Mr. Garfield been shot down shot down shot down,/ Mr. Garfield been shot down low."
Apparently, Johnny Cash's parents used to sing this song back when he was a kid, according to him (in this video). So it seems American music has been political from 1881, at least. For your quick presidential fact: James A. Garfield was the second president (of four) to be assassinated in U.S. history. Garfield is also the name of a lovable cartoon cat. There is no relation.

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