Ten Songs for Celebrating President's Day

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7. James Brown - "Funky President"
"Hey country, didn't say what you meant./ Just brand new, funky president."
The president that plays this as his/her (don't worry it's going to happen soon, ladies) inaugural address will officially be the coolest president in U.S. history. No questions asked. Don't be alarmed at the fact that this song was released during Reagan's term. It was originally written for Gerald Ford.

6. President Bill Clinton - performs "Heartbreak Hotel" on the Arsenio Hall Show
No, your eyes do not deceive you. President Clinton is playing some-what mediocre saxophone while the crowd goes crazy. After seeing this, it's a wonder why there weren't lines of women backing up at the White House to climb under the desk in the Oval Office.

5. Sufjan Stevens - Jacksonville
"Andrew Jackson, all I'm asking/ Show us the wheel and give us the wine."
Sufjan Stevens devoted an entire album to the state of Illinois. As a Missouri girl at heart, I have absolutely no idea why. But it left us with this beautifully written song devoted to Andrew Jackson. Presidential fact: Jackson was nicknamed "Old Hickory" after his badass-ness. Oh yeah! Conversely, he signed off on the Trail of Tears... so there's that.

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