The Real Decade of the One Hit Wonder

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Laura Branigan
You remember: "Gloria"
But you forgot: "Solitaire", "Self Control"

The late Ms. Branigan had a nice run in the early '80s, recording one of the biggest songs of the decade along with two other top ten singles. She also originally recorded "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You" before the glorious days when nobody had ever heard of Michael Bolton.

The 1990s - One and Done

There is not enough room available in cyberspace to discuss all of the musicians who knocked it out of the park once amid a career of nothing but strikeouts. A few are listed below - feel free to add your own in the comments section, there are no shortage of candidates.

Deep Blue Something
Nothing to remember but: "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Sure, on the surface, a song about a conversation about a 1960s movie may sound bad, but then you listen to it and it somehow manages to be worse.

Nothing to remember but: "Tubthumping"

Leave it to a band with a name like Chumbawamba to consider merely listing all of the drinks consumed over the course of an evening to be song lyrics.

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Jason Toon
Jason Toon

I went to that show! And got berated afterwards when I interviewed Alice Nutter and called Leeds a "backwater". (I meant it as a compliment, I swear!)

Matt Harnish
Matt Harnish

Oh,I know what you're doing, RFT Music. You're trying to bait someone into defending Chumbawamba's earlier Crass-related political low-fi squatter-sound collage punk & then talk about going to see them at the Wabash Cafe when they played St Louis like 6 years before Tubthumping even happened, right? Well, it ain't gonna be me! I didn't even go to that show. It was like 8 bucks. I didn't pay 8 bucks for a show in 1994.

Jason Rosenbaum
Jason Rosenbaum

The Verve Pipe had another reasonable hit called "Photograph" before "Freshmen" came out.

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