The Real Decade of the One Hit Wonder

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Letters to Cleo
Nothing to remember but "Here and Now"

Still an interesting track, "Here and Now" is a catchy tune that blurs the line that probably doesn't exist between female guitar music and white girl rap. More fun than the name of the band is the fact that the song was from the album titled "Aurora Gory Alice". Yes, that happened.

Baha Men
Nothing to remember but "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

Laugh at this song all you want, but it will be used in the trailer for every canine-featuring movie from now until the end of time, and Hollywood simply refuses to stop making movies involving dogs that play sports, are from Beverly Hills, or are named Beethoven.

Lou Bega
Nothing to remember but: "Mambo No. 5"

Lou Bega.jpg

On second thought, better to just forget this one.

verve pipe.jpg
The Verve Pipe
Nothing to remember but: "The Freshmen".

Not to be confused with fellow '90s band The Verve, who was twice the band the Verve Pipe was by virtue of its whopping two charting songs, "Bittersweet Symphony" and "Lucky Man". The Verve Pipe somehow made it all the way to number five on the Billboard singles chart with a song about college that was so plodding and boring it made getting an online degree sound exciting by comparison. I must have missed when the word "Verve" became so popular in the '90s that two separate bands felt compelled to use it in their name.

So there you have it. Definitive proof that the 1990s is the true decade of the one-hit wonder. Harvard, you may end your work on this project and devote all your resources to researching the link between listening to Jason Mraz and ear cancer.

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