The Best St. Louis Comedy Shows in February

The Improv Shop

The Improv Shop presents The Lab - Every Monday above Pat's Bar
Show: 8PM

I've been immersed in the St. Louis comedy scene for over two years now. I'm at a show at least two nights a week, 52 weeks a year. And it wasn't until just last Monday I found out the Improv Shop lives above Pat's Bar and Grill, and furthermore that they have weekly shows. Shame on me.

You can catch The Lab every Monday night and it won't cost you a thing. The night is all about mixing things up and teaming up the newbies and veterans. By newbies and veterans - I mean students and instructors. The Improv Shop also holds courses for individuals interested in developing or even trying out their funny taught by a variety of instructors with Kevin McKernan and Andy Sloey being the go to guys. While the young guns get to perform with the more experienced, the end of the night is still reserved for a feature performance by a veteran team. The line-up is ever changing so you need not fear a repetitive show of the same comics working out their set; after-all it is improv.

It's an ideal show for those of you in the crowd who have trouble resisting including yourself. When it comes to improv, crowd participation is actually encouraged. However, just because it's alright to chime in, there's still a time and a place. Yes, that means there's a line between participating and heckling.

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6691 Delmar Blvd., University City, MO

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