The Best St. Louis Metal Shows in February

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Meshuggah - February 23 @ Pop's
Meshuggah with Animals as Leaders, Intronaut at Pop's February 23
7:00 p.m. / $25

If you are from Belleville, IL and have a goatee then Meshuggah is your favorite band. Strange, but it's a fact. To the rest of us average metal fans Meshuggah is the band that can make our heads explode with their impossible to decipher quantum physics riddles they call songs, all while keeping the same heads steadily grooving back and forth at the same time. Years before the Dillinger Escape Plan or Between the Buried and Me, and before "math metal" was even a term, Meshuggah were creating crazy-complex and crazy-heavy jams that have become the holy grail of what ninety percent of today's fill-in-the-blank-core bands fall short of emulating. Witnessing these musical gymnastics being executed live should be something that all metal heads and fans of music in general will not want to miss. Plus it's probably a really long drive from Sweden to Sauget, IL.

Opening the show is Animals as Leaders, an all instrumental band fronted by one the best guitar players living on the planet today, Tosin Abasi. (For evidence of this statement see the recent issue of Guitar World magazine with Tosin standing back to back with his hero, Steve Vai.) The band plays intricate yet beautiful melodies backed by heavy and complex rhythms with insane technicality and precision, and are way better than drinking outside in the parking lot. Also opening is the heavy, psychedelic, and always excellent Intronaut, who have a new album coming out March 19th on Century Media.

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