A Pilgrimage to the Church Of Steve Albini: Is He a Dick?

When Humdrum and I returned, the burning question seemed to be "Was Steve Albini a dick?" The answer, absolutely not. He said exactly one thing that could be perceived as rude: when bassist Dan Meehan asked Albini what he thought of the take, he responded "It sounded the exact same as every other take you discarded for no apparent reason." He told one dirty joke which I will repeat in private but will not type out, and he played a lot of online Scrabble during long takes. He did not eat once during the session even though he writes a food blog. Towards the end of the second day, a voice came over the intercom saying "Steve, Neurosis is here."

In the months since, I have found all of Steve's idiosyncrasies inspiring. The tattered jumpsuit he wears every day with his Electrical Audio studio's logo printed on the back is a symbol of his transcendence over the conflicts that plague so many of us. I have always aspired to negotiate my life priorities and my artistic priorities. There's no better way to learn such a craft than to spend time with somebody who has it perfected.

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