The Six Best References To Cannibalism In Song

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2. Radiohead - "Knives Out"

Although I would argue that "Where I End And You Begin" is a better track, its ending lines of "I will eat you alive" aren't as literally cannibalistic as "Knives Out." Thom Yorke encourages the listener to "Cut him up / Don't look down / Shove it in your mouth" and "Squash his head / Put him in the pot." There's an element of an old-timey Warner Brothers cartoon with a cauldron of rabbit stew, but the playfulness of imagery over the sinister harmony is the stuff of horror cinema.

1. Aphex Twin - "Come To Daddy"

"I will eat your soul." This is one of three repeating lines on "Come To Daddy," sharing space with the song title and the alternate phrase "I want your soul." The industrial jungle track might be Aphex Twin's most important song, helped in no small part by Richard D. James' evil distorted cannibal threat. "Come To Daddy" cannot be fairly discussed without mentioning the masterful music video by Chris Cunningham. Today it seems perfectly aligned Come To Daddy EP is Aphex Twin's most solid release, and the sales boost from the title track's video brought quite a few people into Richard D. James' universe by accident. For better or worse, there would be no Skrillex without "Come To Daddy." So next time you are annoyed hearing or reading about a dubstep track with a killer bass drop, just channel your energy towards the offending party and say "I will eat your soul."

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