The Six Coolest Members of Otherwise Uncool Bands

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4. Mickey Madden, bassist of Maroon 5

Before Maroon 5 formed, its core members were in a quirky alt-pop band named Kara's Flowers. It was far superior to the band who made "Moves Like Jagger." Bassist Mickey Madden is the only member of Maroon 5 who seems remotely cool, probably because he's the member who still keeps a little bit of slacker in his personal aesthetic.


3. Marc Ribot, guitarist for Diana Krall

Avant-garde guitarist Marc Ribot is well known for playing with Tom Waits, and he has released some unbelievable weirdo solo guitar records. So it seemed unusual when he backed up Diana Krall on Colbert Report a few weeks back. For Krall, Ribot is a cred move. This is not unusual in the field of artists who have enough money to hire anybody. Free improv drummer Chris Corsano plays with Bjork for no apparent reason, but the Krall and Ribot pairing is far more uneven.

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