The Top 10 Rappers to Whom You Can't Tell Nothin'

7) Haystak
"Can't Tell Me Nothing"
Circa 2000, Southern rapper Haystak was jumping on the can't tell me nothing bandwagon -- er, tractor? -- with this single, which we commend for its clarity in spelling, and for explaining specifically what you can't tell him nothing about: caskets, hard times, nickels and dimes, being confined and doing time. Noted.

6) Honey Cocaine
"Yo Own Thang"
Seattle rapper Honey Cocaine made headlines in early January when her ex-boyfriend, rapper Freddy E, killed himself and tweeted the events leading up to his death. In her song "Yo Own Thang," Honey Cocaine addresses her haters in the first line: "Can't tell me shit, cause I don't care bitch."

5) Chris Brown
"Oh Yeah!"
Chris Brown sings the line "your friends, can't tell me nothing" twice in his 2012 single "Oh Yeah!" That's an awful lot of times for a song whose lyrics mostly consist of the words "oh yeah, oh yeah." The rest of the lyrics are pretty lame, but don't try telling Chris Brown that. You can't.

4) Rihanna
You can't tell Rihanna, though, even less than you can't not tell Chris Brown nothing. (Or something.) In "Numb," her recent collaboration with Eminem, the first slowed-down, auto-tuned words out of her mouth are "I don't care, can't tell me nothing."*

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