Tim McGraw Gets Sober, Kills Only Chance of Revitalizing Country Music

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Country music has always mystified me. On the one hand, the songs always seem to focus on alcohol, failed relationships, and poverty - subjects that have spawned fantastic art for years. On the other hand, popular country music has been virtually unlistenable for at least the last twenty years.

You could blame it on sterilized production techniques. Or maybe that the only Country & Western singers gaining any recognition are the megastars playing arenas, doing beer commercials and promoting pick-up trucks. But in my opinion, the cold hard truth is that there are simply not enough psychotic assholes making country music anymore.

Tim McGraw recently announced that he has dumped the booze sauce for five years now, for the sake of his wife and children. Now, I'm not saying that anyone was truly counting on a guy that looks like a copy machine repairman in Ohio to fix the music industry, but he did have a few things on his side. Tim McGraw grew up in Louisiana as the bastard son of a baseball player, ending up with an abusive stepfather. Supposedly when he first started performing, he picked fights with the audience members. In 2000, he was charged with assaulting cops when Kenny Chesney stole a police horse. Each of these situations points to the fact that McGraw clearly had it in him to join the ranks of Country Western's greatest. Lets have a look at a few of the legends of the genre and the lunatic behavior they were known for:

-Hank Williams Sr. was fired from the Grand Ole Opry for being a drunken pill popper.

-Merle Haggard grew up in a fucking boxcar.

-Lefty Frizzell crashed a Cadillac into a judge's home.

-George Jones blasted cocaine, got charged with attempted murder, and got thrown into a mental hospital.

-Johnny Cash was repeatedly arrested throughout his career for possession of barbiturates and amphetamines. He also once burned down over 500 acres of a California forest.

-Waylon Jennings famously flushed 27 grams of cocaine down his toilet to avoid arrest. At one point his addiction cost him $1500 daily to maintain.

-Townes Van Zandt struggled with drug and alcohol addicition his whole life, often living in motels, unheated shacks, and sleeping on friends' couches.

-Billy Joe Shaver shot a dude in the face outside a bar in Texas.

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Drew Ailes I reckon' you don't know much about country music then if you say it's unlistenable for the last 20 years. Unfortunately, country music, along with the times has gotten just as flashy and commercialized as any other mega popular genre, but if you think you haven't heard anything good, you ought to stop writing about that which you just don't get. It's ok if you want to keep on listening to the oldies but goodies, but step aside and let the fans enjoy the greatness that country music is and will always be. Ever changing but still true to it's core. Even some of the oldest greats still with us appreciate today's country music. With all music, there are those to be filed in the crap bin, so be it. Far more of it belongs on the radio. This is the first time I've read anything you've written and it'll be the last. Like a bad country song, you're not getting anymore play in my house. *flush


the country music industry is more the suburban music industry. it's all in the tradition of Garth Brooks, not Johnny Cash. the real thing is out there. you've still got guys like David Eugene Edwards, Slim Cessna and Munly, still making new legit music & touring despite total and complete indifference from the "country music industry"

Ericka Gray Brewer
Ericka Gray Brewer

I agree. Clint Black couldn't do anything after marrying Lisa Hartman because he was happy.


@Dulcinita drew ailes loses yet another tim mcgraw fan from his large and varied fanbase. R.i.p.

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