Tim McGraw Gets Sober, Kills Only Chance of Revitalizing Country Music

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It's a fact: Genius is often linked with mental illness, and mental illness coincides pretty well with chemical problems. Hell, there's even studies out there now that show that alcohol can enhance creativity and problem solving skills.

While McGraw may have saved his marriage, his family and ultimately his life, he's secured his spot in the comforts of sanity and will now create even more boring music than before.

At least the world still has Trace Adkins, a man who amputated his own finger, survived a tractor accident, an auto accident, being shot in the heart by his ex-wife, and even lived through authoring the song "Honky-Tonk Badonka Donk." Randy Travis has had a good run lately too - last summer he was found naked lying in the middle of a Texas back road, and when police showed up to arrest him, he threatened to kill all of them. Maybe this kind of behavior isn't good for society, but it sure would make a hell of a country song. Forget your wife and children, Tim: Won't you please think of the music?

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