We Test the ICP "Juggalo Locator" App, for the Sake of Journalism

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Damn! Some kind of error prevented me from logging in; I definitely had a working internet connection, so I don't know what the dang deal is with this nonsense. After restarting the app a few times, I had to give up, forever denied the fun of using the ICP app for its primary attraction: bird-dogging for local Juggalette action (if any 'lettes out there are in need of some mad clown love, throw a couple whoops my way and we'll get this dark carnival started).

The rest of the app is pretty straightforward: the "music" and "video" portions may as well just be links to their iTunes and YouTube accounts, and the "events" feature comes up blank. Interacting with the Juggalo community is the main draw of this thing, and that seems to be broken; I even tried it on an iPad, and it threw me the same error.

Alas, despite some promising features, I cannot highly recommend spending $1.99 on the official ICP app. If you're willing to risk it, maybe you'll have better luck than I did. MMFCL either way, my ninjas.

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