I Have Eight Tickets to Yonder Mountain String Band at the Pageant: Win Them

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Yonder Mountain String Band will play back-to-back shows this weekend at the Pageant (6161 Delmar Boulevard,;314-726-6161). Friday and Saturday's shows both start at 7:30 p.m., and the Deadly Gentleman open.

We have eight tickets total to give away for this show -- four for each night. To win, tell us why you think you deserve to go! Be creative. The winner of each set of four tickets will be announced Friday by 5 p.m. and will be able to pick up their tickets at the Pageant box office the day of the show. Make sure you include your name as it appears on your driver's license as well as a way to contact you.

RFT Music writer Roy Kasten had this to say, in preview of the band's 2010 appearance:

Once upon a time, a string band meant hillbilly music as advanced by Roy Acuff, Charlie Poole and John Hartford. But the Grateful Dead and outdoor-festival culture changed all that. The Colorado-based acoustic rockers of Yonder Mountain String Band have long known who now calls the tune: snowboard bums, collegiate bro-grassers and summer-fest freaks. That demographic has transformed it into the quasi-string band equivalent of the Dave Matthews Band, a massively successful touring operation that cranks out live recordings faster than even its own instrumental breaks. But like DMB, YMSB is fueled by musicianship and a groove channeled into warp-speed bluegrass.

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The Pageant

6161 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, MO

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I have gone to see Yonder at the Pageant religiously for years.  One year I even went solo, knowing that I would see local music lovers, and because I needed my Yonder fix.  Those guys can boost my mood and leave a smile on my face for hours.  I am proud that the St. Louis crowd appreciates Yonder so much that they come back each year and for multiple shows.  I did not purchase tickets this year due to unexpected expenses, but as the show gets closer I regret that decision.  My anniversary is Tuesday as well.  Last year  for our 1st anniversary we celebrated at the Pageant with Gaelic Storm and it would be amazing to celebrate there again this year with YMSB.  Please help make my 2nd anniversary as amazing as last year!

Kate Brennan, katiejerri@gmail.com 


Yonder is easily one of my favorite bands. I try to see them every time they come through St. Louis, which fortunately for me is pretty often. I've also gone to the last two Yonder Harvest Fests in Ozark, AR. This past year I was ready to celebrate my 10th YMSB show, along with their 1500th show, on the third and final night of the festival, but due to inclement weather Jeff sent everyone to their cars after playing only 4 songs. Since then I've wondered if the few songs counted as a "show." I'd love the chance to ask them, or at least get another full show in so I can officially log that 10th show. Either way, I look forward to many more years of Kinfolkin' it up!

-Stephen Claggett

sclaggett1 AT my.stlcc.edu

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