The Best St. Louis Metal Shows in March

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Jucifer with TBA March 13th at the Firebird
8:00 pm / $12
You think Eddie Van Halen has a big wall of amps? You think you know what loud is? You know nothing! Jucifer consists of one guy, one girl, and around eighty or more speakers on stage. The band's sound has varied widely over the span of nine records, ranging from grungy rock to soft and sweet to heavy as all fuck. These H.A.A.F. jams are what you're most likely to hear live, and when played through that bigger-than-too-big wall of amps, it's enough to make you throw up in your own mouth. The whole world could be coming to a fiery end outside the venue, and you'd never know that it wasn't just part of the song. [To clarify, this is a good thing.] Jucifer's live show is visceral and intense and unlike any other band out there.

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