The Best St. Louis Metal Shows in March

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Deceased with Animated Dead, Rites of Impiety, Encrypted, and Manifest March 16th at Fubar
7:00 pm / $12
Many fans of old school death metal badly want to see this show and don't even know it. Since forming in Virginia in 1984, Deceased has remained largely overlooked despite constant releases and touring over the years. The very first band to release an album on the now-monstrous Relapse Records (preceding death metal giants Suffocation and Incantation), the band has roots in thrash and speed metal, guttural vocals, artwork and lyrics that focus heavily on horror and the occult, and many other elements commonly found in first wave death metal bands. Deceased has since left Relapse and will be releasing another label debut, this time for the new Hell's Headbangers Records, later this year.

This show will also feature the CD release by Belleville, IL based death metal veterans, Animated Dead. Having released four demos and a live album since starting back in 1991, this appears to be the band's first full length studio album. Yeah, sometimes it takes 22 years to make a debut album, but having seen Animated Dead a number of times in the past, I can guarantee the album to be no less than br00tal as fvck.

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