The Best St. Louis Metal Shows in March

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Nile with Tyranny Enthroned and Eternium March 17th at the Firebird
7:00 p.m. / $20
"I hath been made to eat feces and drink urine." Why spend another St. Patrick's Day celebrating Ireland when you could spend it celebrating the feel-good themes of ancient Egypt? Leave the goofy green clothing at Spencer's Gifts where it belongs and head down to the Firebird to check out Nile's 20th anniversary tour. Sure, seven full length death metal albums about mummification can get a little redundant, but it's still more interesting than seeing how many household tools Cannibal Corpse can think up smashing one's face with. Plus, Karl Sanders and crew's chops are still top notch and they're one of the most furious death metal bands touring today.

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