The Best St. Louis Metal Shows in March

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Fister CD Release with Bastard and Thorlock March 29th at the Firebird
8:30 pm / $7
Douglas Wildes Fister was born in Merced, California on February 4, 1984 and bats left-handed but throws with his right. He is some baseball guy, and not what this three piece doom band's name is a reference to. This is wrong part of the internet to learn about what it is in fact referencing, but let's just say the aforementioned is an act that's similar to what this band wants to do to your ears. This show marks the release of Fister's second full length, Gemini, an album which completes the band's growth from humorous stoner rock jams to deadly serious doom epics. If metal had an evolutionary chart, Fister would now be the modern man, walking fully upright and carrying a drop-tuned guitar in each hand.

Also on the bill are the always excellent ((Thorlock)) from Cape Girardeau, and one of St. Louis' best new metal bands, Bastard. Bastard features four of the five members of long-running local favorites, Harkonin, but with a new sound that infuses the drunken rock n' roll fury of Motorhead with their previous black/death metal hatred. It's the kind of music that would go really well with police chase videos, or anything where a guy is fighting cops with a flamethrower.

Worthy Mentions:
Soulfly March 2nd at Fubar
Bon Jovi March 13th at Scottrade Center
Clutch March 19th at Pop's
Single Mothers with Sunnyvale and Jack Buck March 19th at Cicero's
Howl and Predatory Witch March 20th at Fubar

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Thanks for the promotion, guys! I'm Markov, the guitarist/vocalist of Eternium, We apperciate it whole-heartily.


Fister photo photographer -


Soulfly and Clutch are only "Worthy Mentions" ? ? ?

Scarlette Junior
Scarlette Junior

I shed a tear to the possible future that some saint louis metalheads will miss out on Mutilation Rites.


@Mayhem66 his intent with this article is to promote the lesser known shows that need more promoting and mentioning than high caliber bands like soulfly and clutch.

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