The Six Most Uncool Members Of Cool Bands

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Last week in this very column, we counted down the six coolest members of uncool bands. This week, we flip the script. Here are the six most uncool members of cool bands, and they're all probably really nice people.

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6. Jon Anderson - singer, Yes

Jon Anderson is the reason Rush fans think Yes fans are nerds. His lyrics are all fairy dust, and he tends to bring the band into his Renaissance Faire universe rather than contribute to its badassness. When Anderson and Yes cohabitate properly, the band is unstoppable. "Close To The Edge," man, seriously. But when Yes becomes the Jon Anderson show, like on "Wonderous Stories," it's pretty weak.


5. Jimmy Chamberlin - drummer, Smashing Pumpkins

At a certain point in an ongoing abusive relationship, you begin to give up on the victim.

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Kevin Rudroff
Kevin Rudroff

I don't know if plant IS zep but come on. Extremely integral. Agreed on the opinion that the river front times is musically retarded. And Lee Ranoldo over Kim Gordon? Kim Gordon is just a Grrrrl Power figure head in the band and for the late 80s and 90s. And she is by far the worst vocalist in the band and worst musician. As for Lee I could list a bunch of good ones but seriously "mote" is one of the best and most powerful Sonic Youth songs ever. But I'm positive the people who right these articles are way too cool to listen to the album Goo.

Drew Patterson
Drew Patterson

Weezer died when Matt Sharp left the band. Let go.

Jake Niehaus
Jake Niehaus

Number one choice is so correct, Shriner's time in Weezer has been horrible and I can't stand him but alas this isn't the same Weezer of old.

Rick Kohn
Rick Kohn

I wonder if the author knows, Anderson left Yes years ago, Plant IS Zepplin and I don't know anyone that considered Weezer,cool.

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