Ultra 2013: Bras as Shirts and Other Top Fashion Trends

Photo by George Martinez

There's something so liberating about going to an event like Ultra Music Festival. Certainly, each year, some looks are more "in" and some are more "out," but there is a lax unity, an agreement, that you can get away with wearing whatever you want. You don't have to fake looking like Alexa Chung, you can kandi or bro, or you can just you.

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Even so, there are things that uniformly trended this year at Ultra. And we took note of the top seven fashion statements of 2013.

ultra face jewelry.JPG
Photo by Liz Tracy

7. Like Diamonds on Your Face
People's mugs are shimmering with crystals this year in downtown Miami. Face jewels add the perfect glamorous element to an ensemble, without the pressure of losing something pricey in a dusty field filled with ravers. Unlike wearing your grandmother's pearls, you can sweat these off, and your mom won't hate you forever.

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Congratulations...this is by far the stupidest thing I've seen all day. What's next...writing "LOOK AT ME I AM A RETARD" across their forehead?

JamesMadison topcommenter

sigh. Are all the females at RFT prudes? Wearing a bra as a top. Shock. Horror of it all.

Liz, please mark your calendar for the World Naked Bike Ride on July 27th, 2013.



Then there's the Slut Walk and Go Topless parades.

When will women realize they are the ones discriminating against other women? Men do not mind a mother breast feeding in public, but rather it is the women who object the loudest. Men never mind seeing a woman "just wearing bras. Like, nothing else except bottoms." It is women who mind. And for those who wish to strike a blow for equality and go topless, oh, listen to the prudish women scream.

I have a dream. One day, women will not be judged by the outfits they wear or not, but by the content of their character.

Liz, burn your bra, and please stop insulting those that have done so or painted their own. I'm betting you thought Madonna was "cool" when she performed on stage in lingerie. Right? But these women are not Madonna. They are more like you, and that frightens you, right? Prove me wrong, come to any of the events I mentioned sans your bra.


@JamesMadison Someone sounds desperate to see some titty. Do yourself a favor, gather up a wad of $1 bills and head to the east side.

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