Weekend Round-up Review: Demon Lover, Globsters, Miss Tess and the Talkbacks

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Miss Tess and the Talkbacks played the Gramophone Sunday night.
Howdy, folks. For the month of March (and possibly longer/shorter depending on my funds, stamina, and sanity), I am hitting three local shows each weekend. The rules: they must be on a budget (who pays more than $8 to see a show?), predominantly local bands, and well-supplied with tequila.

I suppose the aim of this column is to describe an average St. Louisan's show-hopping weekend, but I must plead in the defense of an entirely subjective viewpoint. I pick these shows based on what sounds interesting, and I don't even come close to representing all of the tastes and knowledge of the people of St. Louis. I suppose I would just like to demonstrate how many different experiences can be had within the realm of our city's music in one single weekend, and to present a small sample of the adventures to be had between the other 9-5: That is, p.m. to a.m.

Little Big Bangs, Acid Baby Jesus, Hell Shovel, and Demon Lover at the Heavy Anchor.
Cost: $5
Average Cocktail Price: $4-5 (EXTREME MAX BONUS for making margaritas from scratch.)
Band vibe: "We're loud and weird and this is fun."

I'm a fan of the Heavy Anchor, with their clever use of a garage door to separate the venue from the bar, their movie-theater seats, and their actual-hand-to-god-holy-shit-that's-real-lime-juice margarita. The sound is great (a little stressful if you're onstage, but perfect for the audience), the folks are nice, the back patio has a heater. You can't ask for much else.

Little Big Bangs have been building their following for years, and they continue to tighten up as a band. It is no insult to the other members to say that their drummer is their star--that motherfucker can play.

Hell Shovel, on tour from everywhere (the band boasted an international lineup and delightfully shaggy hair), made an excellent impression on the Heavy Anchor's audience. I have written in my notes, "Dear 2nd band, please tell me you have a CD so I can have quirky, slightly dangerous adventures with my free-wheeling friends." Also, "Kudos to lead guitar for his unmarked, mid-60's guitar with a single pickup."

By Acid Baby Jesus, I have written, "Acid Jesus=Awesome (2 margaritas)." I think this means I was two margaritas in and unable to qualify exactly why the band was awesome, but still I felt very passionately about it.

Everyone town has a boner for Demon Lover, and if you want to hear more about that check out this record review and this writeup.

I took some performance photos from this evening, but I prefer this pic of Demon Lover eating tacos at 3am. Superstars are just like us!


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The Heavy Anchor

5226 Gravois Ave., St. Louis, MO

Category: Music


2700 Cherokee St., St. Louis, MO

Category: General

The Gramophone

4243 Manchester Ave., St. Louis, MO

Category: Music

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Please remove my name from this article, it's the worst written show review I've ever seen. It has ZERO content and it appears to be because there was zero work put into it. I'd like to not be related to this at all, it's embarrassing.
-Luc Michalski



Dear, disgrunted Luc Michalski,

I'm pretty sure this is intended as a personality piece showcasing quirky tidbits about the STL music scene, rather than a show review. Writer states in her intro that "the aim of this column is to describe an average St. Louisan's show-hopping weekend, but I must plead in the defense of an entirely subjective viewpoint." 

My viewpoint is, as well, entirely subjective, but I can say I am a little embarrassed for you.

--Erin Wiles

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