Win Tickets to See Major Lazer and Lunice Tonight at the Pageant

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[Update: Congrats to our winner, Chris Juppier. Pick up your tickets at the box office. Make sure you bring an ID!]

EDM artists / daggering experts Major Lazer will perform with Lunice at the Pageant tonight. We've got two tickets and we're itching to give them away, today!

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To win, simply tell us why you deserve to go. Be creative! You may enter in the comments or on our Facebook or Twitter pages, links to which you can find below -- make sure you include some way of contacting you, as well as your full name so you can pick up your tickets. We will announce the winner here at 5 p.m. today and your tickets will be available at the Pageant box office.

RFT Music writer Evan C. Jones had the following to say about each of the acts:

Lead by DJ/producer/tastemaker Diplo, Major Lazer is a collective of artists who, simply put, throw an outrageous show. Beyonce sought the group out and sampled their 2009 hit "Pon de Floor" for her single "Run the World (Girls)." Their newest album Free the Universe is scheduled for an April 15 release.
Lunice Fermine Pierre II, known worldwide by his first name, is blazing his way toward the top of the electronic music scene. His first two EPs, 2010's Stacker Upper and 2011's One Hunned, garnered attention for the young Montreal native; 2012's collaboration with friend and fellow LuckyMe labelmate Hudson Mohawke, known as TNGHT, catapulted Lunice directly into the worldwide electronic music heavy hitters.

Check out videos below:

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The Pageant

6161 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, MO

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RFT Music
RFT Music

Congrats to Chris Juppier! Pick your tickets up at the Pageant box office. Make sure you bring an ID!


To win something excites the human race to a great extent. Today, tickets are hard to purchase for some people because of the economy. We truly know that purchasing a ticket for the artist, or show we want to see, in the seat we want to enjoy it in, is not the smartest move if you don't have money to spare. Yet, we love these performers so much we feel the need to give them the money to support them, and to satisfy ourselves! But when you realize that you really need to spend that cash on something much more important, it bums you out.  Then you view on the RFT website that they are GIVING out tickets to that same person, or show you wanted to see for FREE, you get excited again!  I would LOVE to see Major Lazer live. It would really, and sincerely be a dream come true. 

Chris Juppier
Chris Juppier

I deserve to go because I have a pet dragon that needs to have babies so we can take over the world and the only way to get my male lizard pregnant is by taking him to Major Lazer shows and wearing lots of gold chains. And I mean LOTS.


I deserve to go because I have a dingleberry that won't come loose, and I believe the only wat to get rid of it is to shake my ass like there's no tomorrow at the Major Lazer show!!! My name is Kyle Valdes. My e-mail is

Vikram Singh
Vikram Singh

I've been following Diplo ever since he released his Florida album in '04 (an absolute essential masterpiece I urge everyone to check out). I would love to see how he's evolved as an artist as a member of Major Lazer. Also I'm bummed about the Animal Collective show cancellation so this would be a nice way to make things right.


I love the energy of music and crowds no matter what genre.  I should go cause my dancing skills and energy will most def bring good vibes to the people around me and those trying to get into the music. Let's get buck wild tonight ! 


I deserve to go more because I was the first to reply and I didnt mention I have 3 dingleberries that won't come loose that I need to shake off!!! My name is Jacob Albert

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