Bob Dylan and Dawes at the Peabody Opera House, 04/23/13: Review and Setlist

Bob Dylan | Dawes
April 23, 2013
The Peabody Opera House

He's leaving in the morning just as soon as the dark clouds lift: No photo credentials issued on this tour, but last night's main event looked kinda like this dude.

For Bob Dylan's visit to St. Louis last night -- his first since October 2010 and the fourteenth stop on his current tour -- the Peabody Opera House (14th and Market streets; 314-241-1888 ) stage was backed by a full-height semicircular black curtain with four lighthouse-grade spotlights suspended in front of it that occasionally commenced to glow like so many massive moons orbiting Planet Bob.

Bob Dylan has finally become what he has probably always dreamed of being: an old bluesman. That's a good thing, too. He's small in stature, smaller than ever, thin and bandy-legged. And he commands a stage like no other artist. Make no mistake about it: His bell still rings.

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The six-piece band took to the stage a little after eight-thirty and shuffled into "Things Have Changed," all of them be-hatted save for multi-instrumentalist Donnie Herron, who plied his banjo, electric mandolin, pedal and lap steel guitars bareheaded. (It wasn't raining inside the Peabody.) Dylan sported a vaguely Western, vaguely military black suit, with red piping down the pantlegs and a pair of wide scarlet bands at each wrist. His hat was a flattop grey felt number with a rolled brim, a gambler's hat.

They steamed through the sixteen-song set (two almost imperceptible water breaks, only one encore) that lined up with the repertoire Dylan rolled out on opening night, April 5, in Buffalo. That is to say that many in the audience, having prepped with a visit to or, in the connoisseurs' case,, didn't arrive in a gambling frame of mind, expecting spontaneity. Such is the age of the Internet.

Not that it matters.

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Peabody Opera House

1400 Market St, St. Louis, MO

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i certainly hope the show was better than tom finkel's endlessly rambling review...

you do drone on, tom.


I was at the Bob Dylan concert last night. Just turning 30 this year, I was so excited that I was going to get to see THE Bob Dylan. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed. This is Bob Dylan. I wanted things like "Lay Lady Lay", "Forever Young" and "Times They Are A Changin'". He gave me things that I had never heard of. Not only that, but he nearly put me to sleep. It seemed a little hard at times to tell if he was playing the same song as the one before, or if he had started a new song. I completely understand that Bob Dylan is more of a poet than a singer. I also understand that he is not known for his perfect pitch or silky voice. I would have enjoyed this concert much more if I had at least heard just a few of the songs that I had been so excited to hear him sing.

tom.finkel moderator editor

@carey529 yeah, i do, don't i! that's what page breaks are for!



Hi Sassy, if you are disappointed with this evening, maybe you don't need the used ticket anymore. I'm a collector of Bob Dylan tickets and if you don't want to keep yours, PLEASE let me know . It would be great if you can help to grow up my collection.
I can send something back.. please write to:


@SassyPants618 "He gave me things that I had never heard of."

Didn't the folkies say that back in '65? Don't blame the man if you haven't kept up with his music.

tom.finkel moderator editor

@SassyPants618 i hear you, sassypants. bob dylan is an acquired taste, and always has been, really. interestingly, you caught him at an odd moment - if you'd gone to a concert before this year, you'd probably have heard more of a greatest hits selection. if it's any consolation, you can think of this experience as a special one: the first tour where he has played far more new material than old. plus, you can always listen to the old stuff...and had he played it last night, you might have been disappointed that it didn't sound like the records you'd heard. those 60s songs that he did sing last night were pretty solid, imho.


@Brian Boyd and yet i have loved his music for 50 years; what the heck is wrong with me????   :-)

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