Here Are All 80 Horrible Similes on Lil Wayne's I Am Not a Human Being II

No Worries ft. Detail
25. These niggas falling off like baggy clothes.

Back to You
26. She ride me like a drive-by.
27. I be loaded like software.
28. I beat it up like a fist fight.

Trigger Finger
29. Blunts like fingers, I'm about to make a fist.
30. Glock clip full like the moon in the sky.
31. Pass that weed, like I studied.
32. And controlling my thoughts is like taming sharks.
33. You ain't gon hurt nobody like Kid 'n Play.
34. Eyes hella red like chlorine nigga.
35. These niggas buying hatorade by the twelve pack like two stomachs.
36. I'm laced up like two shoes.
37. And these niggas nag like bitches.
38 and 39. Actin' like little fags like Richard.
40. You gotta problem, I can fix it like a mathematician.

Beat the Shit ft. Gunplay
41. Got a pocket full of ass-whoopings, I'm giving 'em out like nicknames.
42. Get beat like a drum.
43. I'll bring it to your chest, make you King me like Kong my nigga.

Rich as Fuck ft. 2 Chainz
44. AK on my night stand, right next to that Bible, but I swear with my 50 shots, I'll shoot it out like 5-0.
45. She get on that dick and stay on all night like porch lights.
46. And I'm sprayin at these rusty niggas like WD-40.
47. Bitch niggas go behind your back like nunchucks and that's fucked up.
48. I just wanna hit and run like I ain't got insurance, hoe.
49. Then put the bitch out like a house fire.
50. I'm killin these hoes like Michael Myers.
51. I eat that cat just like a lion
52. And pussy feel just like heaven on earth.

Trippy ft. Juicy J
53. I'm blowing like I'm stuck in traffic.
54. I'm smoking on that strong, got me coughing like I'm getting buried. [Coughing=coffin]
55. Eyes rolling back and keep blinking like hazards.
56. Take a bitch home and fuck like rabbits.

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