Here Are All 80 Horrible Similes on Lil Wayne's I Am Not a Human Being II

Love Me ft. Drake and Future
57. And these hoes love me like Satan.
58. These hoes got pussies like craters.
59. She say my dick feel like morphine.
60. I hope my name tastes like sardines.

61. I stand up in that pussy like a sunroof.

God Bless Amerika

Wowzers ft. Trina
62. Till she tired like a rim.
63. Give her head like a brim.
64. I hope that pussy smell like a violet.
65. Down here waiting for her to cum like payday.
66. Dick head like a bullet.
67. I hope her ass feel like cushion.
68. I hope that pussy tastes like pudding.
69. I'mma leave that ass smoking like a Amsterdam tourist, man.
70. This pussy so clean, like soap in your mouth. [Trina]
72. If that dick like a tree watch me build a treehouse. [Trina]
73. I stay on that dick like a fucking balance beam. [Trina]

Hello ft. Shane Heyl
74. We pass weed like time over here.
75. Don't worry, I'll be back if her pussy like crack.
76. And that apple bottom, bite that apple like Mac.
77. Cause I'mma wear this ass out like a uniform.
78, 79, 80. So ride this dick like a horse, pony, unicorn.

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