Homespun Double Review: Tight Pants Syndrome's All Alive and Whoa Thunder's You're Under Attack

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If the four songs on the TPS extended play only whet your appetite for sharp pop tunes without bedding it back down, give a few spins to Whoa Thunder's You're Under Attack, a sixteen-song LP spearheaded by McClelland. The record has an interesting enough history -- back in 2009, McClelland recruited two friends, Sarah Gremillion and Kimberly Faulhauber, to play bass and keyboards in a new project. Neither had any musical background, but with some tutelage, the pair became more than capable at these modern bubblegum numbers.

The one-two kick of "Real Cool Hand" and "Bottlehands" gives a good idea of what Whoa Thunder is after. Buzzy monophonic synths, handclap-ready rhythms and cooing female harmony vocals combine to create futuristic playground chants. Gremillion and Faulhauber's K Records-worthy parts on a song such as "Allison" show a twee verve alongside McClelland's more polished sensibility, and this experimental-but-breezy tone fits in nicely alongside his other projects. One wouldn't think that McClelland would need another outlet for his pop confections, but You're Under Attack reveals its easy, immediate charms on first listen.

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