Kendrick Lamar Brings the House Down at the Chaifetz Arena 4/17/13: Review and Setlist

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Critic's Notebook:

Notebook Dump:
Couple walked by in matching black "Say 'yolo' one more time and I'll fuck you up" T-shirts, along with matching white jeans and neon-green shoes. Interesting.

Girl throws money off of balcony to dumb-dumb for beer. Dumb-dumb runs off with money, laughing.

Frat boy asked me where to get molly, went to someone else, then asked me again as if we hadn't already just discussed this.

Tank-top posse has returned with Mardi Gras beads and captain's hats. Fish still aren't biting.

Oh, and his first mix-tape from when he was a teen surfaced recently (thanks to the king hip-hop dorks at the Bridge9 Board for the tip).


1) Westside, Right On Time
2) Hol' Up
3) Fuckin' Problems (A$ap Rocky song,his verse)
4) R.I.P. (Young Jeezy song, his verse)
6) Money Trees
7) Backseat Freestyle
8) Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe
9) Poetic Justice
10) Maad City
11) The Recipe
12) HiiiPower
13) Unreleased Old Song of his about learning
14) Swimming Pools (Drank) + random freestyle
15)Cartoons & Cereal

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Chaifetz Arena

1 S. Compton Ave., St. Louis, MO

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