Attention RFT Music Awards Nominees: Submit Your Info Now to Play in the 2013 RFT Music Showcase!

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Flamingo Bowl RFT Showcase.jpg
Jon Gitchoff
Crowds will converge again on Washington Avenue for this year's RFT Music Showcase.
The 2013 RFT Music Poll is live! Have you voted yet? Before we can actually get the party started -- you know, that huge one with 80 bands all performing in one night this Saturday, June 1 -- we need to get in touch with all of our nominees!

If your band is on this year's nomination list, please click on through and fill out a quick and easy form to get in touch with us, and do it as soon as possible in order to be included in our coverage.

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We are only looking for info from bands that have been nominated through the reader-driven process that took place in February (again, only if you're on this list). Take a few minutes to fill out this form if you're one of 'em. Thanks!

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