The Best St. Louis Metal Shows in April

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Cemetery Gatez - April 19 @ Pop's

Cemetery Gatez, Conquest, and Tropical Storm at Pop's April 19
7:00 p.m. / $5-$12
That's right. Cemetery Gatez is a Pantera tribute band. And if you didn't notice, they spell their name wrong intentionally. How could this not be hilarious? Now, I love Pantera as much as the next angry white guy -- give me a few shots of whiskey, put on Vulgar Display of Power and just see how quickly I start fucking up my life -- but I have a hard time imagining being able to take a Pantera tribute band at all seriously. Gatez? Really? Are there that many other Pantera tribute bands around that this was the only way to be distinct? Was "sematary" not available so you'd at least have a cooler sounding Stephen King tie-in?

On the other hand, what if I'm wrong? What if this band hits the reinvented-steel spike right on the head? How awesome would that be?

Local band Conquest will be playing as well, who is also a tribute 1992 local bands. Opening the show is STL's resident WWF-style trouble makers, Tropical Storm, whose party thrash seems slightly out of place on this bill and will no doubt only make the evening more interesting. Call in the camera crew; this may be the chance to capture that sequel to Gummo we've all been waiting for.

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