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The Black Crowes is back, and in force, as evidenced by the fact that the band's upcoming show at the Pageant is completely sold out. The 23-year-old band emerged from its "indefinite hiatus" in December of last year and is currently in the midst of a 21-date U.S. tour which includes a stop in St. Louis -- and we've got two tickets to give away!

To win, tell us why you think you most deserve to go to the show. That's it! Be creative. You can post a reply in the comments or through our Facebook or Twitter pages. Make sure you provide your full name so you can pick up your tickets, and a way to get a hold of you. The winner will be announced Friday by 5 p.m. on this page.

Prior to the band's 2009 appearance in St. Louis, RFT Music writer Shae Moseley had this to say:

The Black Crowes' star has always shined brightest in concert. In fact, the Robinson brothers survived slumping album sales and record-label woes in the late '90s by continuing to tour incessantly -- which eventually attracted the attention of Jimmy Page, with whom the band toured in 2000. It makes sense, then, that the band turned to Levon Helm, another member of the rock & roll aristocracy, when it decided to record its latest album, Before the Frost...Until the Freeze. Tracked in front of a live audience over five days at Helm's legendary Woodstock, New York, studio, the Barn, Freeze is an eclectic collection. It ranges from deep-pocketed, sticky, Southern blues ("Good Morning Captain") to country-tinged slow-burning acoustic numbers reminiscent of Led Zeppelin III or CSNY ("What Is Home") and even a danceable, disco-infused romp ("I Ain't Hiding") for good measure. Chris Robinson executes his double entendre-laden blues-rock hooks with as much gritty panache as ever, and brother Rich's thick-as-molasses Les Paul guitar crunch sounds rejuvenated.

The Black Crowes has since released another album, the acoustic-based Croweology. Check out a track from that one below.

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It definately would be "Hard to Handle" if I do not win these tickets.  I will be "Jealous Again" of whoever did win besides me.  It would be "A Conspiracy" if I do not win.  I will stick with Riverfront Times and the Black Crowes through "Thick and Thin" if I can win these ducats.    I added this on to previous comment because I thought you might need my full name.   Jay Pehle  my email is registered with y'all


I deserve to win these tix because my best friend of 40 yrs, who was just sworn as a Judge in Ill in Feb. died the day after my 50th Birthday. He was a fellow Amorican(Black Crowes Freak)  He will be looking down and watching me groove to "Oh Josephine" from Warpaint. Josephine is the name of one of 6 children he left behind.  We first saw the Crowes in 1995 at the Fox.  It's been a trying month for me. two ducats would be the "Remedy"!    He Talks to Angels!  Y'all have my email address,  Stay Tall, Y'all!


I feel as though i should win these tickets because I really LOVE black crows. They are amazing, intelligent animals. 

Also, i was out on a walk a couple months ago and I was was graced with seeing about 500 or 600 crows in the sky migrating and 'crowing' together. To me it was a sign that i need to win tickets!!! They were telling as much, i swear.


The last time I saw the Black Crowes was when Dave Matthews did the first concert at Busch Stadium. I'll never forget seeing them, or Dave at such an amazing occasion. Because they were just the opening act it didn't really feel like I got the full Black Crowes experience. I would love to see how they command a show, and view them in the more intimate setting of The Pageant.

Plus, I'm a mother of two who hasn't gone to a concert in over a year, I could really use a night out :)


Lol see how bad it is, I even forgot contact information. My name is Rachel Duncan and you can reach me via my facebook page, I've already liked the RFT's page.

Joey Vosevich
Joey Vosevich

Back in 2008 I went to go see The Black Crowes at Live Off The Levee but right before they went on I ran to use the porta potty. While I was in there, my friends (now ex-friends) shook the porta potty until it tipped over and it landed on the door, trapping me inside. They left me stuck in there during the Black Crowes entire set, and I'm sure I don't have to tell you, but the acoustics were horrible. I WISHED I could have lit a candle 'cause, mama, the smell was VERY hard to handle now. Don't let this story get around.

Mathilda Fenton
Mathilda Fenton

I should get the tickets because i know every word to every song.. and held my 4 year old (at the time) on my shoulders through the whole black crowes live on the levee concert back in the day. I was sore for weeks.

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