Dead Wax Records Opens Its Doors on Cherokee Street

Mabel Suen
Last Saturday, Dead Wax Records (1959 Cherokee Street; 314-913-3692) quietly opened its doors for business, offering a few hundred square feet of neatly packed LPs for collectors and vinyl newbs alike to peruse. Shoppers and sun soakers have a new spot to stop in on Saturdays, and the small but well-stocked store offers a whole 'nother kind of "antique" down on Cherokee Street.

Dead Wax, a completely rehabbed space with plenty of DIY woodwork, comes from the combined efforts of long-time record collectors Tim Hendrickson and Jeremy Miller, who also co-owns the Mud House (2101 Cherokee Street; 314-776-6599) a block away.

"Jeremy's vision included another business on Cherokee for a long time. It was his vision and my little heaven," says Hendrickson. "I just couldn't be happier to be digging through vinyl and playing music all day."

Mabel Suen
Co-owners Tim Hendrickson and Jeremy Miller with a young record fan.
Hendrickson got his start buying vinyl from mainstays like Vintage Vinyl and Euclid Records at an early age. Since then his personal collection has grown to a few thousand individual pieces.

"I'm kind of the old dinosaur who wouldn't let go of his vinyl," Hendrickson, now 55 years old, says. "When I see twenty-year-old kids get excited about it, it makes me feel like we're doing the right thing... I kind of felt vindicated a little. The dinosaur was right after all."

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Dead Wax Records

1959 Cherokee St., St. Louis, MO

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This place is a bit over-priced. I am hopeful that they'll figure out their pricing as time goes by. Its also really small. Not in a quaint way, in a claustrophobic way

jaja808 2 Like

Stopped in last week w/ the BF and he wanted to buy a record - it had two different prices on it. Big surprise, the guy at the shop said that the higher price was right.


@jaja808 god forbid something accidentally gets mislabeled when a small, independent business opens its doors for the first time. why don't you try being happy that there's a new record store in town, and that small businesses are thriving on Cherokee, instead of complaining about trivial crap.


@Adam @jaja808 hell that aint cool man. dude messed up n need to sell it for the lowest price just another rich white dude making that money in my hood


@jaja808 Bummer...maybe everything should just be free. Get over it.

Jacob Z. Leech
Jacob Z. Leech 1 Like

hope they can form a symbiotic relationship with APOP.


@Jacob Z. Leech APOP is such a good shop and the music that they have is really hip. Dead Wax looks like its going for the older share of the market, lots of mediocre jazz and seventies rock. I think that they have different demographics.

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