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Made up of eccentric dresser Kristen Dennis, synth/guitar/Native Sound magnet David Beeman and drummer Mic Boshans, Née fills the electro-glam void in St. Louis' dance circuit. Adorned in hip ensembles, Dennis commands her place at the head of Née with the cool exterior of a Brooklyn denizen. That big-city countenance and flamboyant vocalizations garner as many Merrill Beth Nisker (stage name: Peaches) comparisons as they do to put Née in a class all its own. Dennis shies away from Nisker's penchant for snicker-worthy imagery in favor of crafting danceable meditations with enough soul to bring the past back to life — if only to dance with it for a night before waking up the next morning to brave the present.
-Blair Stiles




"Energy" is the operative word when it comes to noise-rock duo Volcanoes. Heavily distorted bass and dirty buzzing synths fight with propulsive drums and Eric Peters' screaming vocals in a hectic, invigorating clash. Even the quieter moments brim with tension that usually builds into an explosive eruption. In concert, the duo keeps the adrenaline flowing by never pausing between songs, an impressive feat for a band where both members take turns playing drums (synth loops make this possible). For all the cool noises and lively stage presence, Volcanoes has a knack for catchy, concise hooks that are well suited to the group's tendency to repeat them often. Simply put, those needing more chaos in their music should check out Volcanoes.
-Bob McMahon


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