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Ou Où

Our composition teachers taught us that all writing is really revision, and Ou Où is a musical representation of that little koan. Travis Bursik and Patrick Weston make up this instrumental duo, and the pair set about building a phrase or pattern, modulating it within an inch of its life, and then starting from scratch. The aural evidence on the band's series of EPs (including this year's cassette release Geocities) reveals some songs that build to a frenzy and some songs that drip and decay.
-Christian Schaeffer




The elusive, brain-bending Yowie hides away in St. Louis to build on singular forms of progressive music. Yowie plays a dense foreign language through two guitars which communicate in an angry, six-string banter through strictly scattered drums. This power trio speaks in alien code with founding member Defenestrator playing the part of percussive conductor. Each song comes densely packed with rare repetitions: a series of guitar riffs pass like clever one-liners with unbridled speed. The shred level of death metal blends with poly-rhythmic jazz in an oppressive mix of experimental rock. Yowie's tenure includes a recent European tour and two full-length albums through the prolific Skin Graft Records.
-Joseph Hess


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