For Some Reason, Mayor Slay Wants to Know if You Like Justin Bieber

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Every week, Mayor Slay's website runs a poll, taking the pulse of St. Louisans on a wide range of topics, such as genetically modified foods, the actions of Congress, and what it takes to deliver a good political speech. The raw data gathered is synthesized and used to custom-build the city of St. Louis to its citizens' liking (that is what it is for, right Slay?).

This week's poll is about Justin Bieber, for some reason.

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In a poll entitled "Leave it to Bieber," respondents are asked their opinion on a number of popular artists. The current totals are revealing:


At present, the Biebs is making a paltry showing of a mere 19%, compared to 74% by Adele, 58% by Beyonce and 71% by Erin Bode. I'd be worried about the little guy's self-esteem, but at least he is not Chris Brown:


Coming in at a mere 4% "favorable" rating -- well done, St. Louis. Good to know that we as a city would prefer not to consort with misogynistic abusive shitheads.

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Turning back to the positive, though, some country music stars enjoy a fair amount of St. Louis love:


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Also, I had no idea St. Louis was such a Morissey-loving town. He currently holds the second most favorable rating, at a hefty 89%:


Even Morissey cannot unseat St. Louis' apparent favorite, working-class troubadour Bruce Springsteen, the Boss himself:


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That sizable 91% puts Springsteen at the top of the list. The love for country and rock artists is also consistent with further findings of this poll, which also asked respondents what their favorite genres are:


Combined, country and rock have more than half of the votes. Rap, oddly enough, comes in on the list with only 1%. Now, I know for a fact that St. Louis likes rap -- and a lot. I have stacks of CD-r demos in my office to prove it.

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chrisward99 topcommenter

"Somewhere else" is a good place in St. Louis to check out music. Again, if anyone has info as to its exact location, please let us know."


allison.babka topcommenter

I'm bummed that Mayor Slay couldn't correctly spell "Morrissey." Womp womp.


These results (especially the rap one) are more indicative of the demographics that respond to the polls than anything else. It's not that St. Louisans in general prefer country over rap, or think that Soulard is the nucleus of St. Louis music, it's that the ones who take part in these silly polls do.

Rick Kohn
Rick Kohn

I'd prefer a clean city with a low crime rate.

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