Last Shot: Chemotherapy Leaves Me Seeing "Stars" With Hum

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Moments before the band was supposed to start, I can recall being extremely tired and concerned about being up front to take photos; I was scared about passing out. Once Hum started playing, the adrenaline took over; I felt as if I was actually healthy again and transported back to my early twenties. It is difficult to ignore the power of live music as it kept me standing through my exhaustion and weakness from chemotherapy. Most of my friends were highly concerned about me traveling this far for a concert, but after spending a few hours hanging out with the band, and then seeing them in a small club, I knew it was the best decision at that time.

When Hum was playing at full volume and I was photographing the members in action, those precise moments are among those when I felt "normal," and they are invaluable to me. I realized then that music and my favorite band were helping me to stay alive, giving me the strength to fight this disease.

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Fuck yes, glad to hear someone else loves Hum. Seeing them back in the day at the Galaxy amongst other places were some of my favorite early concert memories. Astronaut and Downward rarely left my teenage cd player. The huge riffs, the drone, the melodies, the song structures, the lyrics.....Matt Talbott currently runs a recording studio just outside of Champaign Urbana, called Earth Analog, our friends Deathtram used them last year and their album sounds great. They're an influence on our band, or at least a couple of us...

-eric little big bangs

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