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Trauma Harness

Trauma Harness' sound is one of the best combinations of creepy and catchy we have in St. Louis. The band does the post-punk thing right, in the vein of bands such as Hüsker Dü, Devo and Killing Joke, and when the reverb is cranked up and the riff raptors are cut loose, your record collection is going to get into a fight with your comic-book collection. Trauma Harness' good-for-every-occasion sound makes it one of the best bands in town to listen to after the end of a major romantic entanglement and/or an unwanted probing of body cavities by extraterrestrials.
-Jimmy Eberle



Squalid and demented, Brainstems splices pure punk madness into the primal cortex of rock & roll. With frequently sub-three minute songs about swamps, parties and River Des Peres, the band whips up a maelstrom of guitar fuzz and vocal fury. At times, Brainstems might recall the Replacements at their shittiest-sounding and drunkest, and at other times it will sound like the Troggs trying to get you to dance so hard you hurt yourself. Most importantly, the members of Brainstems have had a blast making their own brand of noisy rock, and that's what rock & roll is really all about to begin with. Unfortunately for us, the band recently called it quits, having played its final show on May 25.
-Roy Kasten

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