You Should Probably Quit Your Band Now

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So, just take a break. If you make music, keep it private. Don't share it with people, don't talk about it -- at least for now. It's more like a restorative yoga practice than anything else. You need to get on better terms with music -- because you do not want to be the prematurely bitter guy who spends nights in the bar bitching about his old band and bands these days, and how the audience are idiots. The world has already made its quota on those people.

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Matt Harnish
Matt Harnish

Wait, so Wasaba is giving up writing Top Six lists to focus on writing letters to other people's columns?


What a roaring beatoff. "For all my avant-gardiste pretense, we're just a rock band." Please stay away from all music forever, you self-important jizz-stain. And stop saying "bloody" - no, actually, keep saying "bloody" so everyone around you can hear what a pompous little pud you are and avoid you accordingly.

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