The Ten Most Metal Deaths of Metal Musicians

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Jeff Hanneman
6. Jeff Hanneman / Slayer

When Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman contracted a case of necrotizing fasciitis caused by a spider bite, you could almost hear the screams of joy from those Westboro nut jobs. How terribly ironic that the man who wrote and performed so many songs about pain, rotting, suffering, death, and disease would fall victim to one of the most horrific and repulsive flesh-eating bacteria known to man. It's some truly disgusting stuff -- look it up if you don't believe me -- just make sure you have a barf bucket nearby. While complications related to this spider bite seemed to be the obvious culprit in Hanneman's unexpected death, the cause has recently been revealed to be liver failure due to alcohol related cirrhosis. But hey, drinking yourself to death is still pretty metal. Kerry King has already declared that "Slayer" will continue, but as many fans like me know, that band died when Jeff did. Read my full thoughts on Hanneman's passing here.

Mieszko Talarczyk
5. Mieszko Talarczyk / Nasum

There are few styles of metal as fast, chaotic, and pummeling as Grindcore. And there are few things in nature as fast, chaotic, and pummeling as a fucking tsunami. Vocalist Mieszko Talarczyk had been an active member of the Swedish grindcore band Nasum dating back to 1993. In late 2004, while taking a vacation with his girlfriend between albums, Talarczyk was one of many whose lives were claimed by the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami disaster on December 26 of that year. Nasum have since disbanded, but the band is still considered one of the godfathers of modern grindcore.

Jon Nödtveidt
4. Jon Nödtveidt / Dissection

Start awesome black metal band. Become satanic priest. Murder Algerian man. Serve prison sentence. Complete reunion tour. Take own life. If there's one thing it seems Dissection guitarist/vocalist Jon Nödtveidt doesn't like, it's doing anything half-assed. Dissection played fast and melodic black metal very deeply rooted in the occult, with its band leader acting as a functioning member of a religious gang called the Misanthropic Luciferian Order. True to form, Nödtveidt shot himself inside a circle of lit black candles inside his home, with a "satanic grimoire" in front of him. Although he clearly had his issues, Jon was a great songwriter, performer, and one of the flat out scariest fuckers metal has ever seen.

Terje "Valfar" Bakken
3. Terje "Valfar" Bakken / Windir

The grim-frostbitten-storm-blasting-ice-winds are a common theme in black metal. The frozen imagery perfectly represents both the bleak Norwegian winter and the cold emptiness of depression. A seemingly too-perfect fit with this theme is the death of Terje "Valfar" Bakken, founder of the black metal band Windir. In January of 1994, Bakken took a walk to his family's cabin through the Sogndal Valley, but he never arrived. He was found three days later, frozen to death after getting caught in a snow storm. Although going to visit your parents may not be very metal, freezing to death is about as grim and frostbitten as it gets.

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Tom Huck-Evil Prints
Tom Huck-Evil Prints

Dumb Dumb Dumb. who the fuck comes up with these pathetic lists. scraping the bottom here RFT, and this from a metalhead to the bone and someone who has done stuff for you. grow up. quit watching VH1.

jaco1175 topcommenter

All of these deaths should be celebrated for helping to rid the world of more pathetic shitty 'music' idolized by trench coat wearing zit faced dorks with no or trashy girlfriends. I should mention that Dimebag Darryl certainly belongs in this group of misfits.


Rick Giordano should be fired immediately for failing to realize that Dimebag Darrel's death is obviously the most metal death of all time.

RFT Music
RFT Music

Actually John Jarvis, you are right on that front. We need to talk! I read somewhere that you guys are working with Jay Randall nowadays, right? Solid dude.

John Jarvis
John Jarvis

Be nice if you wrote something about St Louis metal instead, but what do I know


Shut up, Tom. You're being a twat.

Great list.

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