The Six Worst Hybrids Of Country Music and Rap

Categories: Nitpick Six

4. Kid Rock - entire discography

Remember when Kid Rock's redneck nu-metal seemed like the worst thing in the universe? It would be wrong to make a broad claim about popular music going downhill over the last fifteen years, but a lot of terrible shit has to go down for "Bawitdaba" to seem inoffensive by comparison.

3. Jason Aldean featuring Ludacris - "Dirt Road Anthem"

I blame Ludacris for this one. There was a time when Luda had some quality control, when his guest spots were the highlights of songs, when he could spit an entire verse wherein every line rhymes with "nipples." Now "featuring Ludacris" means little more than "somebody raps on this song." The hypothetical Ludacris I know wouldn't let Jason Aldean get away with fake-rapping his lines. Even worse, Aldean's verse is lyrically superior and less cliche. At least the token "Luda!" introduces his cameo.

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