The Six Worst Hybrids Of Country Music and Rap

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2. Trace Adkins - "Honky Tonk BaDonkaDonk"

Hit song featuring dad humor sung in a twang over GarageBand loops. Meanwhile, your favorite band has to raise funds on Kickstarter to eat.

1. Big & Rich featuring Cowboy Troy - "Rollin'"

"Country boys don't rock and roll" - possibly true, although the modern incarnation of country is lifted from a decades-old model of rock. "You'll never get it on the radio" - completely not true. The first infuriating aspect of "Rollin" by Big & Rich is its false martyrdom, as if playing the most profitable form of music (at least most profitable if you look like these guys) makes you some kind of minority. The reason for entry on this list is the guest rap by Cowboy Troy, whose vernacular and flow is worse than Jason Aldean's. As mentioned in the intro, there is nothing conceptually wrong with a rap and country hybrid. In execution, it becomes obvious that the worlds rarely understand each other. This is why, as awful as he is, Kid Rock has an ounce of authenticity; he at least understands both genres. Cowboy Troy is not a rapper, he is a country singer who talks rhythmically. He's like a set of Billy Bob teeth posing as a grill. Big & Rich are similarly not versed in hip-hop, but the duo is ignorantly dismissive throughout "Rollin," asking, "Why they tryin' to complicate the simple music that we make?" Well, because when you combine an inherently white music form with an inherently black one, there is some inherent tension. You have to understand that, possibly embrace it. Shit, at least "Accidental Racist" is aware.

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