The Ten Worst Best Of Lists In Music

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6. Ten Best Remixes of Gotye's "Somebody I Used to Know" -

This song sucks and has always sucked. And the video is boring. And the remixes are stupid. And everything sucks. I walked around Portland one day spitting on every poster I could find of Gotye. Then I bought green chiles from the former drummer of the Shins. Fuck you: This list makes the list because I am writing it, not you. Also, I still listen to Megadeth and act like a child with a keyboard. Deal with it.

5. Ten Things You Didn't Know About the Prodigy's "Fat of the Land" -

What? Are you serious? I guess I didn't know that the dude from Soundgarden played on this record. But I also didn't give a shit.

4. Cher's 30 Most Outrageous Outfits -

This list simultaneously exists as one of the best and the worst lists, oddly enough.

3. Top Ten Workout Songs -

I don't want you to actually click the link because then they'll see a jump in hits and just make another list, so let me sum it up for you: Wolfmother, Puff Daddy, Metallica, Kanye West, Fort Minor, Avicii, AC/DC, LL Cool J, Eminem, then that "Eye of the Tiger" song by Survivor. Now you can put a barbed-wire decal on the back of your car and get on with your day.

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