Six Things You Should Know About the Replacements

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If you are like me, your Internet exploded when word hit that the Replacements was reuniting to play three festivals. Everyone was talking about it. Some shed tears of joy while others likened the band's reformation to a remaking of Predator 2. In any case, here are a few things you should know about the Replacements, other than that the reunion is only Paul Westerberg and the guy from Guns N' Roses.

6. Tommy Stinson Plays in Guns N' Roses

Let's start with the elephant in the room: Guns N' Roses is a musical atrocity. I don't care that Slash was kind of cool and smoked cigarettes a lot. I simply cannot get over the fact that Tommy Stinson still plays in Guns N' Roses to this day. Which means he has absolutely, most definitely heard the band's music before, and yet he still chooses to play with them.


5. Chris Mars Is an Amazing Artist

Known for his work with the Replacements, former drummer Chris Mars is an incredibly accomplished visual artist. A lot of his art represents the struggle that his brother has faced with schizophrenia, which is a topic the entire world needs a broader education on. He also creates some excellent animated short films. Also, he isn't in fucking Guns N' Roses.

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